"We The People..."
Lori Kilpatrick
LD14State Senate
Proud Republican

National Issues

We are in jeopardy of losing of natural God given rights.  Lori believes it is important for the citizens of this country to remember what a government can "give" to you, it can also take away.  The federal government is meant to protect the peoples rights not award them.  

About Lori

Wife, mom, business owner. Lori is a veteran who served her country in the Army.  She has a B.S. degree in education and taught for many years,  Now she owns a business in Tombstone.  First and foremost she is a wife and mother.  She has been married for almost 30 years.  Her greatest achievement is her three amazing children.

Local Concerns

Lori believes the federal government is over-reaching it's boundaries.  Arizona's needs are unique, just as they should be.  Issues need to be brought back to state levels where they were intended to be all along.  Lori believes that then, issues will no longer be so divisive and hard to solve.


As a fiscal constitutional conservative in the very strictest sense of the word, she believes the constitution says it all.  While the constitution allows for individuality, in the freedoms that are define. They are clearly defined ~but, with boundaries.  The Constitution lives and breathes with the freedoms it offers, but the document itself is firm and very straight forward.  The time has passed for "big government".  We must again embrace what made the United States of America great ~which is what makes the Constitution strong.  "We The People..." are what was meant to govern this nation.  Career politicians are destroying our country with their personal greed and need for power.  It is time for the not so silent majority to stand up and take our rightful place back in governing our communities.  

You can reach Lori by email lori.kilpatrick.az@gmail.com

phone  520-457-8164