About Lori

Military Service

Lori served three years in the U.S.Army.  She was honorably discharged in 1988 when she and her husband started their family.  She was a 75B - personnel specialist.  She also attended the DLI in Monterey Ca - where she met her husband.  She studied Russian and German languages.  Our military give so much to our country.  Because of their selfless sacrifices of service, we as a people are allowed the privilege to prosper and express our individuality. As a former soldier, wife of a retired soldier, mother of an active duty soldier, mother of a Navy veteran, daughter of an Air Force vet, and daughter-in-law of a retired Army veteran she supports the Soldier and their families, past and present unequivocally.


Family comes first.  Lori has been married for over 30 years to her greatest supporter, Daniel Kilpatrick.  He is a selfless man who serves as her greatest inspiration.  Every day he shows her how to be a better person .  Her oldest son is an SFC Airborne Ranger instructor.  He has served three tours in Afghanistan and continues to serve our country with honor and distinction.  Her daughter served seven years in the U.S. Navy as a cyber security specialist and has earned a masters degree in cyber security. She is continuing to work in the cyber security field.  Her youngest son is a gifted and talented young adult who has taken the reigns of the family business and runs the day to day operations.