Basic Core Beliefs



Lori Believes ~ The constitution is one of the single greatest documents ever written.  It is as firm as it is fluid and living.  The ability to ensure the freedoms allow people to be individuals while still providing for a common definitive rule of law is its strength.  She does not believe that the constitution has room for interpretation, but instead is clearly and precisely written.  It says exactly what is allowed and what is not.  Those who seek to destroy this great nation are those who say we should reinterpret the constitution.  She believes that the PEOPLE are the true leaders of this great nation and its greatest asset.  Our problems are in our communities and that is where we find the solutions, by working together IN OUR COMMUNITIES!


Taxes and Government Spending

Lori believes~ We are being taxed to  the brink of collapse.  There is no need for the citizens of this great nation to pay such extreme taxes.  A flat tax rate guarantees everyone pays their fair share. Lowering corporate taxes has proven to increase job growth and a booming economy.  Every year there is a budget, and every year our elected leaders act as if this is something "new".  Balancing a budget is essential for families to ensure their well being and should also be essential for a government.  It is egregious that those in Washington can be allowed to over spend at best and shut down the government at worse.  Where is the honor in either? 


Gun Control

Lori believes~ Now more than ever, the citizens of this country not only have the right to bear arms, but SHOULD.  Lori is a NRA card holding member with a concealed weapons permit.  YES! She carries.