Local Concerns

Issues of Cochise County



Cochise County is an amazing place to live full of diversity in it’s culture, environment and needs. We as a county need a strategic vision, coupled with leadership that recognizes the diversity within the county for a successful and vibrant economy. We need to protect our community while encouraging and developing strategies for economic growth and prosperity. We need to reduce regulatory burdens that restrict businesses from opening, growing, and flourishing in Cochise County.

I will serve the taxpayers responsibly to ensure fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Cut Wasteful Spending and No New Taxes


 Cochise County should always be mindful that state and federal budget cuts are happening and will continue to happen. We must also anticipate that the cities and towns are on the brink of raising taxes in District 2, because of lack of economic growth. We need to prepare by cutting the waste now to minimize the impact on taxpayers. We must examine the budget, prioritize essential services and be prepared to cut the non-essential expenditures.    I believe every line item on the budget should be justified and cuts made as needed.   It is vital that economic growth options are pursued vigorously to develop our struggling growth.  Such as the dual port in Douglas along with options for industry to be brought back into  communities.  Both Bisbee and Tombstone rely on tourism and is essential to our district as well.  Tourism must be encouraged and promoted.  



 We all want and deserve to live in a safe environment. It is governments first responsibility to protect the people.  It is imperative that we support our local law enforcement officers and sheriffs deputies by providing adequate funding, training and the tools necessary to do the job right. Investing monies in our officers who work to keep our communities safe is crucial . No other need can be met if we are not safe in our homes and communities.