Local Concerns

Border Security


Lori believes~ in a GREAT BIG WALL.  Without secure boundaries and nation is not a nation.  The time has passed for open borders,  We must first and foremost protect our country by any and all means possible.  We are at crisis levels with the crossing of so many illegal migrants.  This invasion is straining our local budgets and services.  It will not be long before we can no longer meet the needs of our citizens if this situation is not controlled.  



Education is the key to success.  Education provides empowerment for individuals creating a strong and prosperous workforce.    We need elected officials that understand the challenges that rural communities face. .  The schools should not suffer financially because of their location.  We have great and wonderful things happening in our district.  We need elected officials to help support the local communities with their individual needs, not over regulate and try and place all schools into a one size fits all box. We the people can support all areas and make even greater things happen for education in Cochise County.

Water Rights


Arizona water should stay in Arizona.  Each state is guaranteed control of their own water by the Constitution. There should be NO exceptions to this policy.